Old Stock or Best.. Sometime around give or take – this was also about the same time the W line was being phased out in favor of the newer NW line – perhaps these two changes are related? Order pays on Friday, the seller will then process on the next working day which is Monday. What is remanufactured printer toner cartridge? Unfortunately, two of the ones I wanted to try, the mm f6.

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At first glance, the Fujinon literature seems to indicate that this lens was offered with EBC multicoating for a couple years before it was discontinued. One additional point of confusion is the inconsistent use of the S suffix on the lens designation. Copal S – this is the older style Copal shutter with a serrated, chrome speed setting ring. I have the and In the meantime, please browse through the literature section with special attention to the Literature Summary Table on that page.

The is new and I have only exposed a few sheets with it, but the so fuii, I have had great results. So, I think it’s fairly safe to assume neither of these models 2400a ever offered with EBC multicoatings.

Fuji Xerox A / A Toner Cartridge |

If you are not urgent please remark to us or call us request post parcel by air east malaysia or land west malaysiafuni is cheaper around half of poslaju rate but take working days. It continued to be listed in the Fujinon literature up through March, The point is, more than one color should be present, fui differences in color very distinct, and the colors of the reflections very vivid.


Based on the compact size and excellent performance of these two lenses, I decided I fujo try some other Fuji lenses. In a move that seems almost intentionally confusing, although the New W Series was consistently referred to as NW in the literature, the lenses themselves were merely labeled W like their predecessors.

In addition to the original Seiko shutters, and the current all black Copal models, Fujinon large format lenses were offered in at least two other styles of Copal shutters.

Your name or email address: Again, if you have a mm Fujinon L, could you check the coatings and let me know if it appears to be multicoated. Early samples were single coated and in Seiko shutters.

Let’s start by defining the column headings and the meaning of the entries in the table. All items are sent by Poslaju which require 2 working days. The purpose of this web site is to share information, so all contributions are welcome and encouraged. For lenses purchased tuji only – this data is especially critical.

So, to all you mm f6. Only buyers who purchased the product may leave a review. They do not sell or support Fujinon large format lenses in any capacity, nor are they responsible for servicing Fujinon large format lenses. At that point, they began to transition over to their EBC multicoating process. In other words, based on the literature I have, there are only two types of coatings for Fujinon large format lenses: If anybody has one they can positively identify as multicoated, please send me email and offer to sell it to me at a ridiculously low price.


Current samples are EBC multicoated and in all black Copal shutters. A bit of a stretch, but if you happen to be the proud owner of either a 65mm f8 SW or a 75mm SW, could you please check the coating type.

Fuji 240A/300C/450C sharpness question

Well, now that we’ve got that all cleared up We do, don’t we? With the limited data I have collected so far, the best you can do based on serial numbers is get a feel for the relative ages of two lenses of the same type. With the exception of the SF line, all current Fujinon large format lenses use outer lettering. I have all 3 and use them with a vuji.

I have owned both the A and the C and love 204a both. I use them mainly for portraits. With no alternative in the C line, the mm f5.