To switch, select the graphics you want to run. Anyone help with this, please, its a nightmare. Manually installing Catalyst Debian 8 “Jessie” deb http: Default-Release “wheezy”; Update the list of available packages. How is it even possible to not have something as important as a driver in the repository of one of the biggest distros for almost an entire month now? Went back to the vesa driver.

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It is recommended to use the free radeon driver instead. Not testing the latest driver available for your card virtually eliminates the possibility of getting your bug solved. Note that fglrx isn’t actually part of Debian, it’s part of the non-free repository which is hosted on Debian’s infrastructure but doesn’t receive the same amount of care and support.

Debian — Details of package fglrx-driver in jessie

Navigate to the directory to which the file was downloaded. I use module-assistant to compile and install fglrx kernel module. Troubleshooting The fglrx driver conflicts with the radeon DRM driver. New issues If you have a bug in the driver provided in a supported Ubuntu repository, please file a report about this by executing at a terminal: ATIProprietary last modified Content Cleanup Required This article should be cleaned-up to follow the content standards in the Wiki Guide.


If you wish you can read this file to know the changes that have been effected through AMD Catalyst Will keep you posted on whether I got a successful install or not.

Install the appropriate linux-headers and fglrx-driver packages: You can also use sgfxi to move between free and non-free drivers or roll back to native free drivers: So it must be the free-drivers-problem. Before debixn go about installing the fglrx driver from the official AMD Catalyst software distribution ensure to read the release notes from the AMD website. To uninstall after installing using this method, you MUST use the amdconfig utility: Default-Release “wheezy”; Update the list of available packages.

Stephen Kitt k 24 Debian 7 “Wheezy” deb http: This method does not appear to work with Catalyst To switch, select the graphics you want to run. Supported versions are X. Using a method other than described in the manual instructions section above by creating a. The radeon kernel module is blacklisted by the glx-alternative-fglrx or fglrx-driver packages. Be sure to take note of the instructions for uninstalling the driver at the end of this section, since the driver must be uninstalled using the amdconfig utility.


Post as a guest Name. Restart your system at this point to enable the radeon driver blacklist. For information on the open source drivers, see AtiHowTo.

This will result in a shorter message than the above indicating that the driver could not be found. You may need to install the linux generic headers sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic Install the fglrx-drivdr For Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

fglrx-driver source package in Stretch

This most likely to happen with multiple monitor applications particularly if the monitors are of different sizes and multiple graphics card applications. Note that the name of the. Save backup copy of xorg. Martin 1 1 5. I get this error when trying to build the modules.